This stunning model has a very impressive secret talent






MEET stunning Leah Shutkever – Britain’s fittest competitive
eater who can smash an impressive 12 Krispy Kremes in 72

The 5ft 8in brunette regularly chows down on 10,000 calorie
super meals, but can deadlift an impressive 100kg and bench

Leah Shutkever from Birmingham, who has been dubbed
Britain’s fittest competitive eater, can consume 12 Krispy
Kremes in 72 seconds

The 5ft 8in brunette regularly chows down on 10,000
calorie super meals

Somehow the 27-year-old blends a tough five-day fitness regime
and controlled diet with her “super cheat days” – even boasting
an enviable 28in waist.

The “scientific” approach means the toned commercial designer
can hit the gym hard, whilst winning international respect for
her her feasting feats.

The south Birmingham girl has even represented the UK in
contests, flying to New York for Japanese TV show Battle of the
Big Eaters.

The big eater represented the UK in the Japanese TV
show Battle of the Big Eaters

The 27-year-old blends a tough five-day fitness regime
and controlled diet with her “super cheat days”

Incredibly she somehow she still manages to pursue her high
flying career.

Leah said: “I’m a bit of a multifaceted person, I’m not really
run of the mill or normal at all.

“With competitive eating I didn’t really pursue it, it found me
about four years ago and ever since then it has been one of my

“Since I started I have taken on 30-50 challenges and I’ve
completed them all, I’ve never lost one – although I have come
second best against other people.

“My family are a little bit proud of what I like to call my
God-given talent, but I don’t think they know what to make of

“They know it’s not good for me, but I’m so into my fitness
they know I won’t let it get in the way.”

Leah has uploaded videos of her self-set challenges online and
has travelled the country taking on “Man vs Food”- style tests.

The star has a dedicated gym regime and can can
deadlift an impressive 100kg and bench 60kg

Since starting competitive eating, she has taken on
30-50 challenges and hasn’t lost one yet

One clip captures her demolishing 12 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in
a staggering 1minute and 12 seconds although she admits she
felt like “she almost died twice” stuffing them in.

Another sees her smash four foot long Subway sandwiches in just
five minutes and 30 seconds – beating a previous web record of
seven minutes.

Despite it just being a hobby Leah hopes she can take it

She said: “At the moment it is just a hobby, but I’d like to
see where it could take me an what challenges are next.”

Even if she only does it for fun, Leah knows some people will
always be interested.

She says that she has a “God-given talent” for her
eating challenges but admits her family don’t know what to make
of it

She said: “Guys I know and people I have dated in the past find
it really fascinating.

“There’s this preconception that when girls go out they only
eat salad or don’t want to be seen to be eating.

“I’m like ‘Give me a steak and make it medium rare’.”

Earlier this year it was revealed a massive 4,000-calorie full
English has been defeating even the hungriest brekkie-lover in
Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

The mega meal contains 43 portions of 12 different fry up
favourites and accounts for twice the recommended daily
allowance for a woman and 1,500 more than the average man
should eat.

Leah has uploaded videos of her self-set challenges
online for fans following her hobby

8 Years After She Gave Birth To Octuplets, Here’s What Octomom Looks Like Today

Does the name Nadya Suleman ring any bells? If it doesn’t
you’re not alone. There’s a far more popular moniker that she’s
known by – Octomom.

For a good chunk of 2009, Nadya Suleman was cashing in on being
famous for giving birth to octuplets. The controversial
mother’s story gained popularity when it was revealed that she
was already mom to six other children, all the while being

She took advantage of the media attention to gain fame. She
made appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil and was
subject of a Fox documentary ‘Octomom: The Incredible Unseen

Once the public became aware of her hunger for fame, she slowly
stepped out of the spotlight to focus on raising her 14
children. However, that did not last long.

She made headlines again when she starred in adult movies in
order to make ends meet. That career ended after she realized
that she was not setting a good example for her children.

“There was definitely a catalyst — my girls, particularly my
oldest daughter Amerah. She was about 10, and she started
integrating my traits and behaviors,” she says. “After I had
observed my daughter beginning to emulate me, I saw her going
down that same potentially destructive path, and I realized at
that moment I’d rather be homeless in my van with all 14 kids
than continuing down this path. It was not what I wanted for my

Nadya along with her brood moved to Orange County, California
for a new start about three years ago. She now works as a
family therapy counselor, a job she is very passionate about.

“I was alive again,” she says. “As ‘Octomom,’ I was the walking
dead. When I woke up and I went back to my roots, my helping
profession, and my kids, we were struggling financially but it
didn’t matter. I never felt so free and so happy in my life.”

It seems like she’s been doing a wonderful job with raising her

Here’s what they look like now:

What do you think of Octomom’s transformation? Let us know in
the comments!

How Often Should You Wash Your Bra? Experts Reveal The Magic Number

It’s funny how most of us wash our underwear after only one
wear but we tend to wear a bra multiple times before it makes
it into the laundry basket.

One mom recently confessed that she rotates her three bras and
only washes them once a month. Her admission garnered from
negative reactions from people who deemed it “gross” and

But do you know how often you should actually be washing your
bras? Daily? Weekly?

Chances are you are not doing it often enough. Experts have
finally weighed in on the long-standing debate and what they
have to say could come as a surprise to you.

According to Lexie Sachs, product analyst in the Textiles Lab
at the Good Housekeeping Institute., your bra should be tossed
in the laundry after every 3-4 wears depending on your

“Every few wears should be sufficient, but it does depend on
your activity level,” says Sachs.

“For instance, if you’re outside on a humid day and end up
sweating a lot, you’ll want to wash your bra sooner. On the
other hand, if you throw a bra on for a couple hours, that
might not count as a ‘wear.’ Washing gets rid of the oils and
germs that accumulate, so the more oil you’re producing, the
more frequently you’ll need to launder your bra,” she added.

Unless you’re a sweaty person, you can wear the same bra for a
few days in a row before it needs to be cleaned. So in the case
of the mom, if she’s rotating between three bras, washing them
every 3-4 weeks is ideal.

On the other hand, Sachs greatly discouraged that you wash your
bra after every wear. This is because washing it too often “can
damage the elasticity, which is essential for providing the
proper support,” says. Once the fit is compromised, the bra
will not provide the required support and there really is
nothing worse than an ill-fitting bra.

Sachs claims that washing your bra after the recommended amount
of wears shouldn’t compromise its quality and fit as long as
you read and follow the instructions on the label.

So there you have it ladies! Will you be washing your bra more
often after reading this? Let us know in the comments!

50+ Incredible Before & After Transformations Of People Who Wore Braces

While some of us are lucky enough to be born with a nice couple
rows of teeth, others are not and they have to deal with their
teeth as a daily problem.

Thankfully, these days the oral medicine is advanced enough to
offer a solution not only to the physical problems the crooked
teeth present, but also by bringing back the confidence to
smile as you please.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of
before-and-after comparison shots of these incredible
transformations achieved through wearing braces and in some
cases even dental surgeries.

Same thing happened to you? Then share your stories below and
don’t forget to vote for the most beautiful new smiles!

15 Of The Creepiest Pictures Taken In Hospitals

It there’s one place that can get a little creepy it is a
hospital. Something about the fact that so many sick people
have been there, and the fact that people have passed away.

After graveyards, hospitals are most likely to be haunted. To
all the skeptics: how do you explain these eerie things that
have been captured on camera?

1. Like whatever is going on here… This image was taken at an
old mental institution. These children are not the ones who are
sick, but it’s their parents that are the ones staying here. It
looks like this must be some sort of daycare or visitor
playground for the children of the patients here. Or, if the
children didn’t have someone to look after them they would stay
at the hospital as well and be taken care of by doctors and
nurses. Though they were looked after, a mental hospital is
probably not the best place to grow up, especially if you are
not ill. Look at these children’s faces. Some of them look
terrified, and some of them look completely drained. The
mindless scribbles on the wall add to the eeriness of the
photo, as well as the vacant stare of the child in the back
holding the doll.

2. Equally unsettling is this children’s morgue found in a
basement. Although there’s nothing particularly paranormal
happening in this photo, it’s still incredibly creepy to
imagine all of the tiny lifeless bodies that once occupied
these shelves. The spaces are obviously a lot smaller than a
typical morgue, which makes it even more heartbreaking to look
at this image.

3. Believe it or not, this image was captured in a hospital by
a nurse. You still don’t believe that paranormal activity could
exist? It kind of looks like this is an older gentleman who is
still finding his way in the afterlife. He appears to be
sitting calmly with his arms up. Definitely an unsettling sight
if it’s real.

4. It looks like there is someone sitting or standing on the
top of this roof. This is an abandoned mental hospital and
people suggest that this could be a former patient who still
hasn’t quite moved on. Apparently, the person who took the
photo wasn’t trying to capture anything, it was just a creepy

5. Could you imagine doing construction and stumbling across a
site like this? I don’t think I want to know how this cat died.
I can’t tell what’s creepier, its open mouth or the fact that
his neck is literally snapped backward, and its hind legs
severely twisted. What could have done this?

6. I would turn around and run in the other direction. This
looks like a pretty basic hospital hallway but when you take a
closer look you’ll notice a creepy figure who appears to be
waiting at some type of booth. The creepiest part is probably
the sheer gown-like shape and long Grudge-like hair. No thanks!

7. This one is equal parts sad and creepy. This appears to be
deep scratches on the door at a mental hospital. The severity
of the marks makes me wonder what could have been causing these
patients so much distress. Was it strictly related to their
conditions or was there something more disturbing going on
inside these walls?

8. Okay, now things are getting seriously spooky. What is up
with the doorway in this abandoned hospital? It totally looks
like the silhouette of a head, torso, and outstretched arm. Is
this just a strange shadow, or did the person who took this
picture stumble across some sort of spirit wandering these

9. It’s hard to believe but this is a very real tunnel that is
under an abandoned asylum. Some people think it was used to
carry out the bodies of patients who had passed away so that
others wouldn’t see. Regardless, the narrow, dark, seemingly
endless passage is enough to haunt dreams.

10. This is another photo that was taken in a hospital by staff
after hours. If you can’t see it, it’s in the right middle of
the photo and it kind of looks like a little boy is standing
there. Whether it’s real or a glitch, just the image is enough
to send a shiver down my spine.

11. Many zombie flicks feature a patient who was left in an
abandoned hospital, but can you imagine what other things might
be lurking there? Like this picture that seems to have bottles
of samples from patients who have passed away. The shelf is
literally labeled ‘place containers for morgue here’.

12. This photo features a modern day hospital which has been
long abandoned and rundown. It shows doctors and patients from
the past who might have been using this very space for early
operations. The walls were supposedly painted this way in order
to make patients feel more at ease.

13. This was captured on a hospital camera and reportedly, the
woman in the image died the day it was taken. It’s hard to tell
what’s going on from just a blurred image but the way this
woman’s body is shaped is highly unsettling. It looks like her
limbs are distorted and extremely long.

14. If you’re still skeptical at this point, have you even been
paying attention? There is totally an eerie white figure in the
center of this photo. Do you see it? Although this one looks
more like a cartoon Casper the friendly ghost figure, I would
still not want to open my eyes and see this.

15. And finally, another abandoned asylum apart from one
glowing window. Although no one knows what the light source is
for sure, some people think that it’s a Christmas tree based on
its cone-like shape. But what would a Christmas tree be doing
inside this creepy abandoned building? I sure do not want to be
the one to find out.

Source: Providr

Brothers rap an epic wedding toast – Bride covers her eyes in complete shock and disbelief






Weddings are a defining moment in a person’s life, so they need
to be extra special. As a result, many opt to “break tradition”
so-to speak and do something creative and wild. It’s a way to
create an unforgettable memory!

One common part of any wedding is the a toast to the bride.
Traditionally, these were touching, emotional speeches and
stories that left tears in your eyes. Sometimes, there can be
too much to say, and the heat of the moment can get to you.
Rather than give a long speech, it often pays to think outside
the box.

That’s precisely what two brothers of the bride decided to do.
Rather than give a traditional toast, these two brothers turned
on the music and performed a rap.

Set to the tune of LFO’s “Summer Girls,” two brothers rapped
about life with her sister, starting from the very beginning
and culminating in her wedding, It was thoroughly entertaining,
and there were many instances where I found myself cracking up
laughing along with the rest of the wedding guests.

Needless to say, the bride was overwhelmed, and she won’t be
forgetting this wedding toast!

Here’s a toast to one awesome family. Way to go, guys! See
their performance in the video below.

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I Can See Your Underpants: Photorealistic And Sensitive NSFW Paintings By John C. Kacere

By the American artist John C. Kacere Shifting from abstract
expressionism towards a photorealistic style in the early 60s,
John spent the last thirty years of his life painting the only
thing that interested him, highly sexualized depictions of the
midsections of the female body, clothed in revealing lingerie.

“Woman is the source of all life; the source of
regeneration. My work praises that aspect of womanhood,” he

Lower Your Cholesterol And Lose Belly Fat With This Amazing Potion

In the following, we will present you a remedy that you should
always have in arm’s reach.

It is natural remedy that is great for the health. It improves
the organ functioning, boosts the immune system and purifies
the blood. It speeds up the metabolism and promotes the weight
loss process.

It will eliminate the harmful deposits.

Garlic portion drink

Needed ingredients:

  • Half a liter of red wine;
  • Twelve peeled garlic cloves;


Cut the cloves of garlic in pieces and place them in a jar and
pour the wine over. Close it and place in a sunny place for two
weeks, but shake it every day. After that, strain it and store
the liquid in dark glass bottle. Consume one tbs., three times
a day, for one month, and take a break of six months.

It contains antibacterial, anticancer, antibiotic and
anti-inflammatory properties. It also eliminates the toxins
from the body, treats inflammatory diseases, cleans the blood,
reduces the cholesterol, improves the metabolism, eliminates
the excess of salt, burns fat, keeps the health of the heart
and blood vessels, boosts the energy and increases stamina.

The red wine contains resveratrol that contains
anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can prevent
the blood clot formation that can lead to heart failure and
heart attacks. It inhibits the spread and growth of cancer
cells and destroys them.

The garlic improves the brain and heart health. It protects the
brain against toxicity and stimulates the memory function. It
also protects the body cells, reduces the high blood pressure
and cholesterol levels, prevents bacterial and viral infections
and promotes the process of weight loss.